Design Studios : Spacious and well equipped smart rooms of our school were designed to give our students a compatible work environment. custom designed boards, storage facilities etc. enable our students to tap their best potential during their studio hours.

Computer Lab : Around 100 Computer terminals, all configured custom specific builds up our computer lab licensed version of all nacessary software's installed in all the computers with Hi  Speed internet connectivity to be used by our students.

Book Bank : Our school boasts of a well stocked library with hundred of titles added every year along with international and national journals to enrich the students knowledge, cataloguing, maintaining and monitoring of  book circulation is all done electronically using Teach Next software , our library is growing annually with hundreds of new titles added every year.

Art Club :  As a means to enable our students to continue their interest in arts after their basic years. An art club functions in our school. Senior students are encouraged to develop their skills in artistic productions through this club. It provides space and exposure to the creativity of the junior kids too.

Sports : The school provides outdoor and indoor sports facilities such as cricket, vollyball, basket ball, table tenis, carom, chess, scrabble etc.

Classroom : We understand the importance of a classroom in the student's life. Our classrooms at St. Sai School help to create an inviting and a nurturing learning environment. They are designed to simulate the mind and promote learning experiences. Everything within the classroom is curriculum focussed, This include furniture, teaching aids, display boards, wall decortions, visuals and even what can be found on a Teacher's desk.

Our furniture and teaching aids are child friendly and age appropriate, keeping each development stage of a child in mind.