The Aim of Our Faculty

Our primary aim is to make children capable of becoming responsible, Productive and useful members of society. Knowledge, skills and attitudes are built through learning experiences and opportunities created for learners in school. It is in the classroom that learners can analyse and evaluate their experiences, learn to doubt, to question, to investigate and to think independently. We try to provide the best learning conditions to our students. The major emphasis is given on the continuous growth of students ensuring their intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social development.

Meet our Faculty

1. Mrs. Vandana Sharma
2. Mrs. Aarti Sharma
3. Mrs. Anu Jain
4. Mr. Amandeep Singh   
5. Mrs. Meena           
6. Mr. Ramesh Pal       
7. Ms. Rajwinder Kaur
8. Mrs. Jyoti           
9. Mrs. Baljinder Kaur
10. Mrs. Aruna   
11. Mrs. Ravneetpal Kaur   
12. Mrs. Richa Bhatia   
13. Mrs. Sapna       
14. Mrs. Puja Sharma
15. Mrs. Bindu Bala
16. Mrs. Niyti   
17. Mrs. Rajinder Kaur   
18. Mrs. Nancy
19. Mr. Narinder Kumar
20. Mrs. Kavita
21. Mr. Vivek Bhatia
22. Mrs. Nanda
23. Ms. Muskan
24. Mrs. Nazampreet
25. Mrs. Pooja Mahajan
26. Ms. Mandeep
27. Mrs. Jiwan Lata
28. Mrs. Nishu
29. Kamaljit Kaur