The facility at St. Sai school include a well stocked library well equipped studio, spacious classrooms with audio and video learning aids. The campus also has a swimming pool, basketball court, multipurpose sports ground, convieno store and health care gymnasiums

                                     Lush Green Campus

The institute is very well built in lush green  surroundings in the centre of the city interpersed with three playgrounds.

The school library is equipped with 6000 general literature books, 10 magazines and journals. The librarian helps the students to develop reading habits and in selecting books according to their interest.
                                   Computer Lab

The computer lab is well furnished with 18 computers and 4 printers.
                                   Digital Classrooms

Introduction of the digital classrooms has given a new outlook to the thinking of the students.
                                   Art Room

A well built and decorated Art Room provides o platform to the students to show their hidden potential.
                                    Activity room

In the activity room, the students indulge in all subject activities that draw out the best in them.


The science department has three well equipped laboratories to provide practical hand to hand experience to students.

Chemistry Lab

  Biology Lab

 Physics Lab

       Maths Lab


Mathematics Lab :  Study of mathematics facilitatis a way of  thinking, a way of organizing a logical proof, a way of reasoning. It gives an ensight into the power of human mind. This forms of  valuable discipline of teaching-learning programs of a school. To facilitate directed discovery, learning and develop analytical thinking, we have provided the students with well equipped mathematics labs where experimental learning takes place. Our highly qualified and experienced Maths faculty imparts a strong logical orientation to the entire learning experience.

Science Lab :  The science Lab experience provide opportunities for students to interact directly with material or with data drawn, using the tools, data collection techniques, models and theories of science. Our labs are well equipped with latest apparatus.

Language Lab :  We at St. Sai School believe in giving a global exposure to our students and make them reach the targets in their life. Therefore we take pride in announcing that we are currently working on a joint venture to come up with a language lab in the coming session.

Canteen :  The school canteen serves good quality hygeinic food items, snacks, juice, soft cold drinks and tea / coffee at reasonable price.

Stationary :  A farepriced stationary shop is providing all commodities at one place.